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4x4 insurance; Performance Direct is one of the UK's leading independent insurance specialists. If you own a four wheel drive vehicle we could save you money.

4WD Insurance DGA has been helping Australian four wheel drive enthusiasts find the best 4WD insurance policies for over 25 years. We understand that your 4X4 is no ordinary vehicle and as such requires a specialised policy.

4x4 SUV car insurance from Adrian Flux covers green-laning, off-roading and modifications. If you want to make the most of your four-wheel drive, click here.

Guide to 4x4 car insurance. Insurance for a 4x4 can cover a broad range of vehicles, from the likes of serious off-road machines such as Land Rovers, Range Rovers and Mitsubishi Shoguns, to high-performance cars like the Porsche Cayenne, and more modest motors such as the Skoda Yeti or Fiat Panda 4x4.

Most of us who have been driving for any length of time understand the fact that the type of car we drive affects how much we'll pay for car insurance. Armed with that knowledge, you might be wondering if there is a difference in insurance rates between front-wheel drives (FWD), rear-wheel drives (RWD), and four-wheel drives (4WD).

4x4 Insurance Guide. 4x4 vehicles are usually expensive to run, and they also could be more expensive to insure than the average car. However, 4x4 insurance is a UK legal requirement for any vehicle that's driven on the road, so it's an expense that can't really be avoided. Levels of Coverage