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Plunger Style Barrel Locks and Keys - Electric

The key for the lock will either be a screw type key that turns into the lock or plunger type key that is propelled (usually with a handle) into the keyway. By placing the key in the hole, the key will grasp the barrel. While grasping the barrel, the key will also release the catch on the ball bearings.

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The plunger style key is intended only for barrel locks or cylinder locks as appropriate. A CA electric utilities meter lock key that is used with the wrong type of barrel lock or cylinder lock can result in failure or breakage. Even injury can occur when using the wrong type of key with the wrong lock.

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Replaces up to 37 Different Plunger Lock / Barrel Lock Tools. Works on Electric, Gas, Water, Oil, CATV, Hydrant, Barrel Locks. Also works on Water, Gas and Oil Plugs too. (Instructions and tip guard Included). As with all BETA Tools enjoy your Lifetime Gaurantee. *LIMITED TIME OFFER

Smooth plunger and heavy duty spring for strength and durability, and serialized for added protection. The barrel lock plunger key is compatible with several types of Highfield and Innertite barrel locks with inside diameters ranging from .176" to .196". Features: Smooth plunger design and heavy spring.