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Hagerty Valuation Tools® are designed to empower enthusiasts who are buying, selling, or simply becoming familiar with a classic. We provide vital details on a vehicle's value in a variety of formats, and strive to deliver a meaningful visual representation of not only a classic's present value, but how it has performed in the past and where it might be headed in the future.

Hagerty Valuation Tools Play all If you're looking to buy a collector car, don't miss our exclusive interviews with experts who can explain what to look for in an older car. 6:07

Valuation Tools The Premier Classic Car Value Guide. Using detailed data and Hagerty expertise, our valuation tools are designed to empower the classic car enthusiast. You will gain a better understanding of changes in the marketplace and how these changes apply to classic car values.

Hagerty Valuation Tools. One of the most common questions we are asked at Hagerty is, "How much is my car worth?" To help answer that question, we produce the Hagerty Price Guide, updated three times per year and shared with you here.

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Hagerty has the financial tools help you assess the strength of the collector car market. You can follow classic car market trends and view each classic car index to discover the average value of the most popular collector cars.