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Pink Sheep on Twitter: "I now have an official roblox shirt out, I made it the cheapest so

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When Pink Sheep saw him, he did not die, but he was appalled at Shep's ugliness, saying Shep was "a defective version of Pink Sheep" who was glitchy and overall not very attractive". Pink lost him when Shep went to the park, and then encountered Purple Shep's mom: the Ender Dragon.

The latest Tweets from Pink Sheep (@PinkSheepx). I am a sheep that's pink. Mars

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Purple Shep is the son of Pink Sheep and'Ender Dragon'. His first appearance was in "If Dragon Egg hatched in Minecraft - Part 2" and then he was appearing in his later videos. Shortly after he got his own channel where he does Let's Plays. Purple Shep was created when a player got the dragon

Pink Sheep decides to play Roblox. However, his password doesn't work. He tries more and more, but still nothing. He creates a new account named IGotHackedYT to learn how to get his old account back, and vows to defeat the hacker.