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Car shipping to Nigeria from USA is relatively easy, especially if you are using a quality shipping company. ShiptoNaija is a well renowned shipping company that ships cars from Houston and now, Atlanta for rates as low as $1090. With ShiptoNaija handling your shipping services, you do not need

Nigeria is one of the more expensive countries to ship a car to from the U.S., generally in the $3,000 to $7,000 range. Part of the reason it's more expensive than other destinations is the shipping distance and the limited availability of routes and accessible ports in the area.

Need To Ship a Car from the USA to Africa? Many people buy cars over the internet and ship them to African countries. Other people have a family member who ship an old vehicle to Africa for them. The RoRo ship will arrive in the Tema shipping port which is near Accra. RoRo car shipping is by far the least expensive way to ship a car to Africa

The easiest way to ship a car to Nigeria is through a reputable overseas transport company. Auto transport to the country must be addressed cautiously or Customs may refuse to allow the vehicle to be sent over. It is your responsibility to obey the policy of the country, but the transport company will assist you through the process.

Basically, i'm looking to ship a 40 footer container containing 2 Suvs (Land Rover 2006 models) and 2 normal Sedans Cars from the US to Nigeria. Can Any1 tell me the following: 1) How much would it cost to clear the container on arrival in Nigeria

Car Shipping Service to Nigeria. Viamar Scilla is a trusted name in domestic and overseas vehicle shipping industry based in Toronto. Over the years we have been satisfying with individuals and companies who are looking for safe and reliable shipping of new or used cars from Toronto to various parts of Africa.